3 Crucial Steps to Rank in Google

Top 10 in Google

This infographic outlines 3 crucial steps to ranking your website in Google. Let’s analyze this in further detail.

1. Identify keywords – keyword analysis is the single most important factor in determining the success of your website. Select the wrong keywords and you might attract the wrong customer, which results in zero sales. Select the right keywords appropriate to your website and you could be looking at hitting the big leagues, making sales and adding value to the search engine. Identifying those keywords where customer intent lies is paramount. Lets take an example:

If your website is selling a method on how to get dogs to stop barking, keywords like dogs, dog behaviour or dog aggression are not going to convert visitors into customers easily. Choosing keywords like how to stop my dog barking, how to get a dog to stop barking and dog barking are a much more appropriate keywords to use. These are keywords with buyer intent, the visitor is looking to solve a problem, you just need to convince them that your site is what can help them achieve this.

2. Analyze the competition – Analyzing your competition is crucial nowadays. With the recent Google updates, it is really important to look at what sites rank in the top 10 and understand what they’re doing that Google likes and gives them the privilege of obtaining that coveted spot on the front page.

When analyzing competitors, here is exactly what I would be looking at:

- Title tag

- Meta description

- On page optimization – Includes H1, H2, H3, url structure etc

- Number of pages indexed in Google

- Age of their domain

- Page Rank – Indication of the backlinks pointing to their website

- Signs of under optimization for a particular keyword

- Content – Is it content for the search engines or content for users.

- Internal linking

- Are they an autority site

- Are they optimizing for the keyword you have searched.

- Backlinks pointing to their website.

3. Getting backlinks to your website

Everyone knows that getting backlinks to your website is imperative in order to rise above the competition, however if the above two steps are done incorrectly then you might find yourself having a tough time ranking. Backlinks are essentially a vote from one website to another acknowledging the content/relevancy of a particular website. Getting a backlink from a website that is in your niche is far more trustworthy in the search engines eyes, than anchor text pointing to your website from a random niche.

For this website, obtaining a backlink from a website that talks about seo or increasing your rankings in Google would be ideal. Niche relevant backlinks are the type of backlinks everyone wants but they can be difficult to get. Varying your anchor text used in backlinks and not over optimizing your website for your desired keyword are what will help you out massively in Google’s new updates. The aim is be natural, the aim is to be social and the fundamental rule is to be patient as ranking your site can take time.

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