A New Backlink Era has Arrived – Caught up?

While many people in the seo industry are shell shocked watching their rankings plummet or their clients sites swamp, we here at backlinktime have always been one step ahead.

Let me explain, the most recent Google updates, which include panda and penguin have erupted the search engines into showing websites with greater quality content and rewarding sites which were not trying to “game the system”. Many people were flooding to their nearest forum to see what the heck was going on. It’s never nice to see your website plummet in the search engines nor is it nice to see a website with mediocre content and spammy backlinks rank ahead of your website.

Excellent content and a solid seo plan have always worked and still work today. Those who noticed their rankings drop, more than likely noticed the number of backlinks they used to have pointing to their website decrease drastically. The reason for this was Google’s updates deindexed link farms and devalued these poor quality links.

At the end of the day, Google’s mission is to sort the search engine to show you the most relevant information dependent on the keyword you type in. No longer do we have the days of targeting one keyword and hoping to rank solely on the fact that it might be in your domain, although this can still work with exact match domains. We’re now in a new backlink era where staying ahead of the game is crucial, in fact it’s essential if you’re looking to stay on top of the serps.

This new backlinking era involves creating less poor quality backlinks and more high value, relevant links. So how do you get these type of backlinks? We you can buy backlinks at an affordable rate and there is nowhere better than right here at backlinktime.com. See we anticipate Google’s updates and put in place our tornado trenches just in case like many people our websites tank. Luckily for us, our sites are still fighting fit and helping website owners in the new era for increasing their page rank and most importantly, their search engine ranking.

High page rank links work incredibly well and are essential tools in your armor for battling anything the search engine throws at you.

So how do I recommend you build links to your websites? Read the following and you do just fine.

- Onpage – Do NOT over optimize your website. Infact I would go as far as saying don’t even think about on page optimization in the slightest. Just go ahead and create great content. Keep your keywords in the title tags but less obvious. For example, if you want to rank for wholesale car parts, a title like the below should do just fine.

Wholesale Site for Car Parts and Accessories (See how this is not over optimized?)

- Next step is to start getting backlinks. The initial phase should involve some social signals to keep Google happy. Start getting Facebook likes, retweets, use pinterest and google plus. Once this has been done, social bookmarking can be used to help boost your sites presence in a natural way.

- Press releases are essential. What website doesn’t launch without a press release? Treat it as a business you cherish and you’ll do ok in this game.

- Start to purchase backlinks – like the links that you would find at backlinktime.com

- Gradually increase these links and diversify the links you’re receiving.

- Keep it natural – always keep this in mind when you’re getting backlinks.

- Slow and steady wins the race.

- If you’re building backlinks, make sure all of these are getting indexed, otherwise they are of no use to your efforts or money.

Keep some of these tips in mind for all of your campaigns and I have no doubt you’ll benefit from the hard work you have put in.