New Update Targeting Exact Match Domains

Just dropping you a note to let you know about a recent
update by Google. This one targets exact match domains
(also called EMDs).

These are where you’d go and get a domain like
bestcarinsurancequotes (ending in .com or whatever)
and try to get that site ranking high when someone types
in “best car insurance quotes”.

So the webmaster optimizes the entire site for that single

Google’s figured out a way (or at least they think they have)
to try to filter them down in the rankings. And that algorithm
update was just released in the last few days. It’s supposedly
unrelated to Panda or the Penguin update.

Of course the search engine results pages will be a mess
for a while after this update (like usual) and people will still
see some ranking high and notice that other sites (non-EMD)
sites will also be affected.

And even after the dust settles they’ll never be able to
filter them all out.

I’m interested to hear what you think of this update
(if you’re following it). How has it impacted your sites?

Or just as a surfer do you think the results pages are
any better?

I also have some ideas of things you can try if you’re
in the position where you have EMDs that are being
affected by this update in the article.

Some solutions for this issue are 301 redirects and buying aged domains. So lets look at how these can solve the issue.

Aged Domain – Buying aged domains has become common practice among seo professionals all around. There’s nothing new to this strategy but it works exceptionally well.
Buying an aged domain allows a webmaster to bypass the Google filter, also referred to as the Google sandbox. The google sandbox mirrors a dancing in the search engine effect. Bouncing around until the search engine decides where they would like to place your website.

Buying an aged domain with page rank is becoming an essential element in competing in high competition markets. Using these domains, a site owner can rank for low competition keywords with ease.

301 redirect – This is where you point the Exact Match Domain (EMD) to an aged domain in an effort to get the aged domain deemed more appropriate in the eyes of Google. It can also be carried out in reverse, which is a more common practice and is considered to be working extremely well for those who have been hit by the recent Google updates, which include panda, penguin and now the EMD update.

Don’t fall into the emd trap. Build a brand, build a social presence and create excellent content. In the end you will reap the rewards and have a website that will be stable in the search engines for the long term. Cut out all the shortcuts, don’t be afraid to outsource your content, design, seo and backlinks. In the end if you’re in this business to make money, this is how you will do it. Gone are the days you could create a 5 page mini site. In are the days you create authority sites.